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Ringio Integration with Highrise

Ringio CRM Integration with Highrise


What it does

  • Syncs your contacts and notes between  Highrise and Ringio
  • Logs your phone calls as notes in Highrise
  • Each Highrise user can have their own data synced separately
  • Whenever you receive a call, quickly open the Highrise webpage for the contact who is calling you

See a big version of this screenshot

Screenshot of Ringio Highrise integration


Highrise Plugin setup instructions

  • Go to the CRM tab

  • In the Highrise section click on Install plugin 

  • Click on Authorize to grant to the plugin access to your data

  • Click on Add Token

  • Paste your Highrise  token.

  • Associate the token with a Ringio user. You want to have a token for each user who owns contacts in Highrise.

  • Click on the "Create" link

  • Click on Save plugin settings

Within less than 2 hours you should start seeing your Highrise contacts in Ringio.


Highrise Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How frequently does Ringio sync with Highrise?

A: Every 2 hours, on the even hour (eg., 2pm, 4pm)


Q: Does the sync happen both ways?

A: Yes.


Q: Are notes synced both ways as well?

A: Yes, with the same sync frequency as above.


Q: Why are only some Highrise contacts synced into my Ringio application?

A: Ringio only syncs highrise contacts that you created.  Highrise contacts created by other colleagues belong to that colleague and are only synced to their Ringio application.  You can see others' Highrise contacts in your Ringio application once your colleagues share them with you in their Ringio application by clicking on *edit *for that contact and checking the *client *checkbox.

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