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What it does

  • Integrates your Zoho CRM with your Ringio account
  • Dial out directly from Zoho
  • Whenever you make/receive a call you'll get a pop up on the bottom left corner of your Zoho page where you can:

Add/Delete/Edit the Lead/Contact in Zoho

See a big version of this screenshot



Easy steps to set it up:

1. Log into your Ringio Admin Panel to obtain the API Token here: (click Configure)



2. Authorize Zoho CRM plugin to access your Ringio account (click Authorize and then Yes)



 3. Copy the API Token and we will use it in step 6



4. Login to your Zoho account and click on the wrench  icon on upper right corner of the page.
and go to Setup page. Then choose Others under EXTENSIONS & APIS.


5. Click on Setup now under PhoneBridge then click on PhoneBridge


6. Paste the API Token you copied in step 3 where it says: Auth token* and click on Authorization button.



7. Then click on Add Phone Number and enter your Ringio Main Company Number. Make sure you add '1' in the beginning of your 10 digit number. Then click on Link User button. You'll now see a plus button which allows you to map all your Ringio users with their corresponding Zoho users. Select Incoming and Outgoing check boxes for all users.

8. You're all set. Simply find the number you want to dial in your Zoho account and click on the green call button. We call your endpoint you've set in Ringio to receive your calls at; once you answer the incoming call, you'll be connected to the number you dialed in Zoho.



9. You see a pop up to the bottom right corner of your Zoho page that you can add notes to the call and you can edit info for that Lead/Contact directly in Zoho.



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