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If you are on this page, most likely you are experiencing some audio quality or connectivity issues flagged by the Web Phone.

Here's a guide to interpret the warning messages you are seeing:


Problems with connecting to our servers

  • ice-connectivity-lost
  • anything with "ice" in it

Most likely your internet connection went down or the router you're connected to is actively blocking VOIP traffic. 

The Web Phone needs the following ports & protocols open:

Client-side port Server-side port Protocol
Any 443 TCP
Any 10,000 - 20,000 UDP


Problems with network connection quality

  • high-rtt
  • low-mos
  • high-jitter
  • high-packet-loss

If you see any of these messages it means that the quality of the connection between the Web Phone and the servers is not high enough. The stream of packets coming from or going to the server is getting interrupted, or the packets are not arriving in the order they were sent, or only some packets are arriving.

Try to improve your network connectivity, for example, by using fiber instead of cable, or cable instead of DSL, or DSL instead of cellular.

Try to improve the quality of the network equipment you are using, for example your router.

Try to get off wifi and use an Ethernet cable to connect to your network.


Problems with audio

  • constant-audio-input-level
  • constant-audio-output-level
  • No audio from microphone
  • Audio packet drops

These warnings are shown when the Web Phone detects no audio from the microphone or coming from our servers to the user. 

First check that your headset is selected properly in the audio settings (the little black speaker icon), and that your headset is not muted with its own mute function.

If the problem persists, it is possible that your network may be blocking audio packets.

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