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Disposition is a call center term used to describe the outcome of a phone call according to the user who participated in it. It is a simple summary that can be used to classify calls by labels that make sense to the business.

The dispositions that you define in the Admin portal under Data Collection > Dispositions are shown as part of a drop down in Desktop to your users, who can select one disposition value per phone call.

This is how users see and select a call disposition in the Web Phone:


And this is how it appears in Desktop:



To configure Dispositions:

Go to Admin, under "Data Collection" > "Manage Dispositions"




  • Double click on the label of a disposition to edit it, and preview how all dispositions will look in the drop down at the top.
  • You can optionally associate a Next Action that the system will perform if a user selects a disposition. For example, if a caller asks not to be called again, you could create a disposition labeled “DNC” that executes an Action “Remove from funnel” that sets the Lead Status field in your CRM to “DNC” and triggers a workflow.
  • If you wish to hide the Dispositions menu from users, check the Disable Dispositions checkbox. This may be appropriate when you are already using a field in a Questionnaire to disposition the call.
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    Pam McMillan

    I need help pulling a report of dials with the disposition as well.

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