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Sales Prospecting Cadence

Have a sales prospecting cadence in mind? List Dialer makes it easy to implement:


With a sales prospecting cadence you are aiming to maximize the chances of converting your leads into prospects, by optimally spacing each call attempt and by making sure that you stop calling a lead when they convert.

To configure your Cadence, pick any List you have created and click on the Contacts button to the right of the List in the List Dialer tab of the admin portal.

Scroll down to the section labeled Cadence and expand it by clicking on the triangle:

Try Calling defines how many times this contact will be offered to a rep before being dropped from the List.

Interval between tries allows you to smartly space out each call attempt.

Stop cadence if: enables you to stop attempting calling the contact under certain circumstances.

  1. If there is a connect (a call that lasts longer than x seconds, normally in the minute and a half to 2 minute range) - it is likely that the rep had a conversation with the contact. At that point the rep can specify the most appropriate follow up by dispositioning the call or by setting up a follow up meeting with a Next Action.
  2. If certain dispositions are entered, such as "Not Interested" "Do Not Call" or "Meeting Set"... you can specify any of the Dispositions you may have previously defined under the Data Collection > Dispositions tab.

Update the CRM with cadence info - optionally, you can tell to execute a Data Menu that updates your CRM. For example, you may want to update a lead field called "Cadence" to "Cadence Stopped" or "Cadence Completed" to be able to see, at a glance, what happened to a lead that went through the Cadence.

 Have a multi-touch cadence in mind? (With email, social-media touchpoints, etc) You may want to try this advanced approach instead.

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