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Static Lists

Build dialer Lists by uploading a CSV file to With a Static List you can turn any data source into a List that reps can dial.

File format

Use a comma-separated CSV file. (Sometimes CSV files can be tab separated instead).


Sample CSV file:

Your file may contain many columns, but will import up to 5: simple dialer list file.csv

  • Company (optional) - the name of the business that a contact is associated to
  • Name (mandatory) - the first and last name of the contact
  • Number (mandatory) - the phone number of the contact
  • Email (optional) - the primary email of the contact
  • Custom score (optional) - a value to sort contacts on

Other details about the file format:

  1. You don't need column names, they're just an easy way to identify the information in the file
  2. If a row doesn't contain the mandatory fields, it will be skipped.

Uploading a file

From the Contacts view of your newly created List, drag a file into the upload area (or click the area to select from your computer)


The system will now allow you to map List fields to columns in your file:


If your file contains column headings check the box "Use first line of the file as column headers for field mapping".

From the drop downs on the right, map the columns on your file to contact fields.

You now have 2 choices:

  1. If this is a brand new list, clicking "Append" or "Replace" will simply add the rows in the file to your List
  2. If this is a list with existing contacts, clicking "Append" will add the rows in the file to the List, and clicking "Replace" will delete any existing contacts and replace the List with the contacts in the file you are uploading.

Dealing with upload errors

If your file contained some data that couldn't be uploaded, will show you a counter of successfully uploaded and unsuccessfully uploaded rows:


You can now finish the upload and ignore the errors, or if it's important for you, you can download the file you uploaded with the errors appended. You may see errors like "Phone Number is mandatory" or "Phone Number is not valid".

List Priority

This dropdown defines how contacts in the file are sorted. For example, sort your contacts by Custom Score so your reps will call the highest scoring leads first.

List Statistics & Maintenance Operations


You have available a counter that shows how many contacts are in the list, how many contacts have yet to be contacted, and how many contacts have been called. 

In addition, you can perform the following list maintenance operations:

  • Export - downloads the contact file in CSV format.
  • Delete Completed - deletes any contacts that have been called in this list.
  • Delete Incomplete - deletes any contacts that have NOT been called in this list. (If you press both Delete buttons you will essentially empty out the list).
  • Reset Outcomes - makes it as if none of the contacts in the list had been called. (For example, if you call the same list every month, you could save yourself some time by simply resetting the outcomes instead of re-importing the list).

Other List Features

  • Build retry logic with Cadence
  • Protect your reps from making calls at inconvenient times with Time Zone Protection
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