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How to build a 3-touch cadence with dynamic lists

This HOWTO article explains how you can build a typical 3 touch cadence with's List Dialer and dynamic lists. The screenshots show how this works with Salesforce but the process is identical if you use Zoho CRM.

This approach to building a cadence is appropriate for when you may want to insert non-phone call touchpoints in the cadence that happen inside of the CRM or with other 3rd party tools. 

If all you'd like is to touch contacts with 3 phone calls, you may be better off with's built-in Cadence functionality.


Step 1: Define 3 Lists

From the administration portal, click on the List Dialer tab and create 3 new lists. Label them "Touch 1", "Touch 2" and "Touch 3".



You want to make sure you use a Dynamic list and that the list is Published. Repeat with each of the 3 lists.


Step 2: Define the List Criteria:

From the List Dialer tab, click on the Contacts button to the right of the Touch 1 list:


Pick the Lead object to Import contacts from (if you don't see it, you can Import objects from the Voice Objects section of the Data Collection tab).

Pick the Ringio_Call_Count field or any other numeric field from your CRM that starts as empty, and set the criteria to "null"

Prioritize the list according to whatever criteria you prefer, I picked a Lead Score.

Save the list settings and repeat with Touch 2 and Touch 3, as follows:




Step 3: Define a Data Menu that updates the touch count after each call attempt.

From the Data Collection tab, click on Voice & Data Menus, and then create 3 Data Menus as follows:


When you're done you will have 3 Data Menus that update the Lead in the CRM with the proper Call Count.



Final Step: Tell the List Dialer to invoke the data menus you just created when the dialer call is complete


Go back to the List Dialer, and click on each List name, "Touch 1", "Touch 2" and "Touch 3".

In the Event Hooks section, pick "On End Call execute" > Go to menu > and pick the menu you just created.




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