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Call recordings and call log ownership

You have ownership of your call recordings and call logs at the conclusion of service with

Once service concludes, we decommission your account and we will stop hosting everything, including the call logs and call recordings. I.e. the data is yours but the hosting of it terminates with your subscription.

While you have a subscription, you are welcome to fetch those call logs and call recordings through all our accessible methods until the account is decommissioned.

You can fetch your call logs via the reporting module, which includes CSV exporting capabilities.

To fetch the audio recordings, you can follow the URL links for each recording and download to a local computer.

We also have an API that will get you the call records (we call them Rings) and call recording URLs 

If you don't have the time to do this yourself, our operations team can build a script that fetches all the audio files for you and puts it on a dropbox or similar, so you can keep them locally. We would charge you for whatever hours it takes our engineers to do this ($800 to $1,600 approx.).

Because you probably have call recordings embedded in CRM records in Salesforce or Zoho, if you wanted to keep those links active and working, we could come up with an arrangement where we charge you a monthly fee of $300 that covers our hosting expenses for those files. That would probably be the most convenient for your team.

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