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Next Actions

With Next Actions you can automate and streamline the flow of logical next steps that a rep would perform related to a phone call.

For example: 

  • Send a follow-up email to the conversation
  • Create a follow-up task in the CRM, maybe for an appointment or a demo
  • Create a follow-up call a certain time in the future

You can configure and personalize the actions available to your reps. Reps see the available Next Actions during and after a phone call through the Web Phone:




And the Desktop App:


To define the Next Actions available, go to the Data Collection tab of the Admin portal > Next Actions:


We support several action types:

  • Add to Dialer List: adds the current contact to a Dialer List. You can specify either a particular static list or the user’s personal list, which acts as a to-do list. If you’d like the call to be added at a specific time interval when the call should be made, check the Specify Future Date / Time box, and the call will only appear then on the list.
  • Execute Data Menu: allows you to invoke data menus that fetch or write data to your CRM.
  • Send Email to Contact: you can compose an email template and when the user invokes the action from Desktop the app will open the user’s default email client and compose a new email message with the information in the template. Desktop relies on the user’s computer default mail handler for mailto: URLs
  • Open Web Link: opens in the user’s web browser the link that you enter.


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