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Building Dialer Lists


From the List Dialer tab of the Admin portal, click on the New List button to create a new dial list.

Give the list a short, easy to identify Name, as this will be displayed to the reps when making calls in Desktop.

Who is going to work on this list? You can pick an individual or a team of individuals with the Queue setting. Teams are defined in the Departments tab.

Where are contacts to call going to come from? If you have a lead file, select Static. If you would like to fetch the contacts directly from your CRM, select Dynamic.

While you work on your list, you can keep it Unpublished, this prevents the list from appearing on the Desktop app. Once your list is ready, you can Publish it and it will become available for reps to work on.

The Availability setting allows you to schedule auto-publish and auto-unpublish. Simply define the time of the day when the list should be available for calling and does the rest.

Event Hooks are used to update the CRM with every call attempt. This is an Advanced feature that you can use, for example, to change a lead such that it will no longer qualify for being in this list once a call has been attempted. Ask our support team for more details if you're interested in using this.

Once you Save a list, you can work on adding contacts to it.

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