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List Dialer Overview List Dialer is designed to boost solo & team productivity when making outbound calls, and removes the hassle of building and maintaining lists.

Our dialer is tightly integrated with Salesforce and Zoho CRM, dramatically simplifying the process of deciding who to call. It also eliminates the process of manual call logging and enables sales reps to focus on having great conversations and capturing critical qualification data.

What can our CRM Dialer do?

  • Prioritizes calls so you're always making your most-valuable calls first. 
  • Allows teams of sales reps to distribute the workload of outbound calls
  • Administrators can build lists for teams, and individual sales reps can build their own lists
  • Build Static Lists based on file uploads and Dynamic Lists based on CRM queries
  • Works with all CRM objects, standard (e.g. Lead, Account, Contact, Task) and custom.
  • Protects reps from making calls at inappropriate times with Time Zone Protection
  • Allows managers to Schedule Lists, so reps can work on different call lists at different times of the day
  • Enables multi-touch Cadences to just a few clicks
  • Captures what happened during a phone call easily with Dispositions and Questionnaires that get saved in the CRM
  • Provides a customizable set of Next Actions for reps, such as postponing a call, email follow up, setting up a meeting and more
  • Reps can Auto-progress between calls, and use Voicemail Automation to drop pre-recorded voicemails without having to wait
  • Administrators can get detailed call reporting and analytics, as well as customizable Salesforce Dashboards.

In addition, our list-based dialer works in conjunction with the rest of our platform to boost team productivity with features like blended queueing (receive inbound calls when you're not busy dialing out), area code local presence through RingLocal, device independence (use your existing phone system, or our our VOIP to call at no extra cost), unlimited Call Recording, live call Eavesdrop, and fine control over Outgoing CallerID.

List Building

Data Collection

List Calling

  • How to List Dial with Desktop


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